About us

The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), as the Asia-Pacific Region’s first postgraduate engineering school, has striven to promote technological change and sustainable development through education, research and outreach. Over the years, AIT has produced a number of engineering and technology alumni for key organizations/sectors in Vietnam. Advanced education and research in engineering and technology continue to be among the Institute’s greatest strengths.

School of Engineering and Technology (SET) is one of the three schools at AIT. SET’s mission is to develop future leaders, highly qualified engineers and technologists who play leading roles in promoting the region’s industry competitiveness for its integration into global economy. Besides offering state-of-the-art multidisciplinary programs, SET annually conducts expert seminars to promote its cutting-edge applicable researches to interested experts/professionals.

The Project Management in Construction field of study trains professionals to play a leading role in the international construction industry. It molds students to become active leaders in the construction industry and large construction project.  The program prepares for students:

  • To become outstanding managers and decision-makers familiar with the modern techniques  of construction management, engineering management and infrastructure management
  • To more competent and capable to manage international large construction projects
  • To be able to assist the corporation to install and develop project management system in a company