A total Project Management approach and tools for achieving a high quality of construction projects

A total Project Management approach and tools for achieving a high quality of construction projects


It is widely known that many projects have problem related with customer satisfaction, defects and others things related with quality. Quality is one of the most important objectives in project management together with cost and time management. Low quality of a construction project is frequently caused by unclear project management process and mistakes in identifying project requirements.


Project owners wish to complete a project according to his or her quality objectives. Inexperience project owners have difficulties in developing an effective project management approach which can assure the quality. In this article, factors affecting project quality will be discussed. The discussion covers on how project management lifecycle and activities will affect quality of construction projects and best practices to obtain a good quality result will also be discussed. The best practice includes design process, tendering and construction process.


 In design, owner requirements need to be clearly identified. Designers need to develop a sound design brief so that inexperience project owner who has limited project experience can identify what he wants to build and the trade off of this requirement with project cost and quality.


In tendering, a sound tender document and process are important. Project owner need to choose what is the most suitable project procurement method and then develop the tender document according to this.

Unclear tender document will definitely affect not only the project quality but also cost and schedule.


During the construction process, a clear contract administration must be adopted. Agreed contracting requirements must be enforced and administered to avoid unnecessary problems. In this phase, design error and change order are two most common problems. Owners need to develop a clear strategy to handle this otherwise the project problems will be dragged without clear solutions.


In addition to the above project management process, there are many tools which can be adopted to improve quality in construction  projects such as design review, value engineering, 3D model, project quality plan, project communication tool such as project extranet, and quality function deployment.


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