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Tuition fee

Tuition fee

Tuition fee is 1,500 USD*/participant or 33,540,000 VND/participant. 

This course comprises lectures, certificate, exercises and hands-on practice sessions.Training materials are provided accordingly. 

* R.O.E = 22,360 VND/1 USDR.O.E is only for reference purpose. Applicable R.O.E is selling rate of Vietcombank on the invoice date, Source: www.vietcombank.com.vn

To make a Payment:

 The preferred method of payment is bank transfer to AIT VN account:

Asian Institute of Technology Center in Vietnam 

        ANZ Bank

        14 Le Thai To Str., Hanoi, Vietnam

        USD Account number: 111868 or VND Account number: 111879

 Payments also can be made:

Through most Banks using their telephone or electronic bill payment service.

By cheque or money order made payable to AIT VN and forwarded to the Program Officer (Ho Chi Minh Office). For payment by cheque or money order, the Student’s name and program must be noted on the cheque.

In person at AIT VN office.

Tuition fee

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