The 2nd International fieldtrip - Master in Project Management in Construction (1)

Europe (France, Belgium, Neitherlands and Germany)

23 June - 02 July 2017


Late June 2017, MPM successfully organized the 2nd international fieldtrip to Europe for MPM10, intake 2016.

Visit Notre -Dam Cathedral, Paris, France 

Despite a long queue at Charles de Gaulle Airport (Paris), continual traffic jams and bad weather, Europe was still beautiful with magnificent romantic scenery and friendly citizens. Thanks to the partner companies, construction site visits were successfully held.

In Bremen (Germany), home of Grimms’ fairy tales, also known as London of Germany because of the fog and the beauty, the group visited and worked at Hoschule Bremen, City University of Applied Science, located in the heart of Bremen Neustadt – a central city location, andenjoyed a long tradition that went back to 1799. The group met, discussed, shared experiences with Head of School and professors of Structural Engineering, Project Management in Construction, and took a tour around the university.

Meeting with Head of Construction school, Hoschule Bremen University, Bremen, Germany

Meeting with Head of Construction school, Hoschule Bremen University, Bremen, Germany

Hoschule Bremen University campus, Bremen, Germany

The group visited and studied at construction site projects such as: Hafentunnel Bremerhaven;  Elbphiharmonie (apartment part) in Hamburg where G20 Summit joining by 20 world’s largest economies has been taking place,City Palace and Opera House Berlin.
MPM students were so excited about their experiences as they had opportunities to discuss with the professors and experts from developed countries.

Visit site office of Hafentunnel project, Bremerhaven, Germany

Hafentunnel project information

Visit construction site Hafentunnel project, Germany

As a part of MPM curriculum, there are 2 international fieldtrips to students during their study at AIT. Master program in Project management in Construction strives to give students knowledge and actual experience in order to meet the requirement of studying and sustainably developing the human resources of international project management for Vietnam’s construction industry.

Visit Opera House project site, Berlin, Germany


Visit City Palace project site, Berlin, Germany

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