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Module 1. Project Quality Management in Construction 
Duration: 3 days

Project owners need to build a construction facility such as building, factory or public infrastructure. One of the most important is that the project must be build to achieve a certain standard of quality for the purpose of functionality and durability.  Project management team working in the construction projects need to understand the project lifecycle and how each activity in the lifecycle will affect project quality. In addition, they must also understand how to manage this quality using a systematical process that ensures a successful quality of the project.

To train participants to manage project quality from design, tendering to construction stage.
Knowledge coverage:
• Project lifecycle and Factors affecting project quality
• Quality Management System for company
• Project Quality Management for design and construction stage
• Quality audit
• Quality Improvement
Module 2. Project Cost Estimation and Control
Duration:3 days
In order to be successful in delivering a construction project, project cost estimation has to be properly conducted. Project cost estimation starts from feasibility to detail cost estimation.  People involved in the cost estimation of a project needs to understand the factors that affect the cost and how to control them, and the methods to conduct cost estimation.  Then, during the execution of the work, they need to know how to control the project cost to ensure that the project will be delivered according to budget. However, in some events, cost escalation and claim may also occur in the project. Thus, cost engineers need to understand the principle of calculating and analyzing claims related with cost.
To train participants to conduct project cost estimating and control techniques for managing construction projects.
Knowledge coverage:
• Cost estimation at project initial stage (development)
• Detail Cost estimation
• Cost control system
• Cost control strategy for material, equipment, worker, sub-contractor, temporary works, overhead and claims.
• Cost reporting system
• Data Collection and Forms for Cost Control
• Cost analysis and forecasting
• Claim analysis
Module 3. Project Planning and Scheduling
Duration:3 days
Project owner expects the project to be completed on time.  Delay in project completion will cause delay in using the completed facility. In order to manage the project completion, project management team needs to understand project scheduling technique for planning and control. They also need to understand what factors affect project schedule delays.  In addition, they also need to be able to use management technique to measure productivity and how to accelerate progress.  However, in some projects, contractor may suffer delays due to owner or designer, then the contractor will claim for the extension of time. Thus, project management team need to understand how to analyze the extension of time.

To train participants to develop, monitor and control project planning and scheduling
Knowledge coverage
• Project planning
• Project scheduling techniques
• Project monitoring
• Project schedule adjustment and acceleration
• Productivity improvement
• Short interval scheduling
• Extension of Time Analysis (for claim)

Module 4. Project Contract Management
Duration:3 days
When owner decides to build a construction project, owner must consider what is the most suitable project delivery system (i.e. design-bid-build, design and build, EPC or turnkey contract). Then, the project owner needs to prepare the contract conditions that include the duties, rights and risks of the two parties (i.e. owner and contractor). Through a rigorous tendering procedure, a contractor will be finally chosen. After the issuance of the Letter of Acceptance, the project management team needs to administer the contract for project quality, cost and schedule assurance.
To train participants to manage project delivery system and project contract administration starting from pre‐qualification, tendering and construction phase.
Knowledge coverage:
•         Project Delivery system
•         Contractual Risks
•         Tendering process and evaluation
•         FIDIC Contract condition
•         Contract administration
•         Progress measurement and payment
•         Change order
•         Claim analysis
•         Contract close out
Module 5. Construction Site Safety Management
Duration:3 days
Nowadays, project management has to manage the safety issues carefully to avoid construction accidents and damages. When the accidents happen, owner and contractor are exposed to criminal and civil laws, therefore prevention is always a better solution. To manage construction safety, project management team needs to understand the application of safety management system at the construction projects. Project owner and contractor will obtain direct and indirect benefits of a safe construction project.
Knowledge covering:

Accidents in construction – why accident happen

Direct and Indirect Costs of Accidents

Safety management system and programs

Project safety plan

Accident Investigation

Safety performance measurement

Safety audit and review

Managing Safety Behavior of Workers

Safety culture development

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