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Opening Ceremony of MPM Hanoi 2014

As we often said, September is the most beautiful time of Master Project Management in Vietnam as we welcome new students and organize Opening Ceremony. This year, the Opening Ceremony was held on 25 September 2014 at Press Club – 12 Ly Dao Thanh, Hanoi. The new students had a really wonderful evening with us. We love the way each of them introduced themselves and how old and new ones shared the tips to pass the exams, this showed your great care about study Dr. Fredric William Swierczek - AITCV Director shared this was the most warm and enjoyable ceremony he's ever joined. Let's hope more achievement for MPMHN7 for the coming time. We also want to express our big thank to MPMHN6 and Alumni and AITCV staffs for your appearance that night!

Students will take 33 credits with 27 for coursework and 6 for project report. Curriculum is designed for 3 levels core, advanced and applied knowledge with Project Management, Construction Management, Contract Management, High rise building, Commercial Projects, ....

Opening Ceremony of MPM Hanoi 2014

Opening Ceremony of MPM Hanoi 2014

Opening Ceremony of MPM Hanoi 2014


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